The Biggest Problem for New and Emerging Nurse Leaders | Di Kenyon Transformations

What is the biggest problem a new nurse leader will face in his or her career?

If you were anything like me you never felt like you were put on this earth to manage.

You wanted to be a nurse because you wanted to help people.

Because you were so good at your job and were an excellent clinician ‘someone’ thought that you should try management. You have found yourself in a management role feeling under equipped, under resourced and alone as you are not sure who you can trust anymore. You are not one of the team anymore but you are not sure if you are: ‘one of them’ either.

You are actually in the middle.

Middle management: when you get pressured from above and pushed by below.

Feeling like everyone wants a piece of you.

What I would have liked in my toolbox as a new manager:

  • How to delegate
  • How to performance manage difficult staff
  • How to roster
  • How to budget
  • How to keep sane
  • How to manage everyone’s problems without getting emotionally attached

What I now know would have helped me as a new manager:

  • Understanding the emotions of my staff and what drives them
  • Understanding myself and what drives me
  • Understanding the fears behind people’s reactions and how to overcome them
  • Recognising different drivers in people so you can get the best from them and yourself.

So what I now know is; the one thing I was avoiding was the thing that would have helped me the most.

It is not really about the tasks that you do as a manager.

I am not saying you neglect these tasks as you will have to meet certain KPIs I am saying it is about managing emotions and becoming an inspirational leader.

This doesn’t mean getting so emotionally involved with everyone that comes into contact with you that you leave work feeling like a wrung out rag.

But this does mean understanding the emotional drivers of the staff and what is behind some of the challenging behaviour.

It is also about truly understanding yourself and learning to accept vulnerability as a true form of courage and not a weakness.

For me this was learning about the three universal fears that will hold people back and how to use mindset and success principles to move people forward.

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