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Is Culture Haemorrhaging your Bottom Line?

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Wages are the biggest cost in any business, including health. They are also unavoidable so no use spending time on this except when your bottom line is haemorrhaging.

The trick is to focus on what you can control and influence. Most noteworthy, the indicators of a poor culture – discretionary sick leave, “doona” days, sickies, mental health days or whatever you would like to call them.

Did you know that AUSSIES take off 90 million sick days every year and it’s costing us billions. 

Look at the reasons or the ‘why’ people in your organisation don’t show up for work?

Could your culture be toxic?

Ask an organisation what is their sick leave rate and what is their staff turnover and you can quickly see the culture.

What is the culture of an organisation?

Other than ‘how we do things around here’,  it’s the norms, attitudes and expectations. It’s the standards we accept or don’t accept.

It’s the behaviour that we walk past. Because if people see habitual absenteeism happening and no consequences they can think I will do that too.

As a result, the culture of an organisation will dictate how people behave.

People tend to gravitate to the lowest common denominator and that is the acceptable behaviour.

If everyone in your organisation ‘always’ takes the allocated sick leave as an entitlement, what does that do to your bottom line?

Even more, if this is accepted as normal behaviour, what does that do to your culture?

Mental health is one of the key factors in the employees taking sick days and a poor workplace culture can feed into these health problems.

Want to stop the haemorrhaging of your bottom line, take a look at your culture.

Can you afford not to?

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