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How your thinking can hold you back or help you grow.

Boundary conditions are the conscious limits of our thinking – the edge of what we know, our comfort zone, what is familiar. Beyond our own limits is where we grow.

It is only beyond what we know that we will be able to find what we don’t know. The result we get in our lives are all based on what we currently know.

Think about what you are currently doing in your life. How much money are you making, how many meaningful relationships do you have? If you knew how to make more or have more you would do it.

Transformation involves finding ways to go beyond what we know, to what is unknown. It is only in the unknown that the transformation we desire is available. We must go beyond the boundary conditions of our thinking.

Possibilities lie outside your comfort zone. A problem often seems bigger & perhaps unmanageable because it is beyond the boundary condition of our thinking. We can’t move the problem into our comfort zone to make it manageable.

We must expand our thinking – our boundary conditions – so that what was outside of our realm of possibilities is now inside them. Once we accomplish this, the problem is now inside our comfort zone & is manageable.

How to move beyond Boundary Conditions of Thinking

Expanding our thoughts beyond the boundary conditions of our thinking is about:

  • Being self-aware of when we are using old thinking to deal with new & unfamiliar situations.
  • Asking different questions that focus less on the problem & more on what we need to learn to be able to manage it.
  • Learning that courage can only come through action, it does not arrive by mail or just turn up one day, we must act.

 Recognising that fear is normal, & that waiting for fear to disappear is waiting for the impossible... the fear is always there... but so is courage, & when we act, we feel courage.

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