Graduate Nurses Transitioning to Excellence
(From Overwhelm to Success)

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A Unique Online Programme Supporting You to Transition Through Your Graduate Year With Ease:

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    Understand why you feel so overwhelmed and how you can take back control
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    Learn skills and real life tips to help you take control of your anxiety
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    Develop trust and self confidence in yourself and your abilities

Anytime you transition in your life there is uncertainty, but transitioning to take control of the care of other people  can lead you to really doubt your skills and abilities..

You've spent years learning your craft, understanding how the human body works and dreaming of really helping people get well. Now that day is fast approaching and you're feeling scared:

  • Scared of not fitting in
  • Scared of looking stupid
  • Scared of making a mistake

You wonder just how on earth you will remember everything and whether or not you will survive. After all whenever you've been on placement hasn't everyone else appeared to know what to do?

Many people may think that they are the only ones with these fears and may even think that they are strange for having these thoughts. These fears are normal and we all have them on some level.”

Get into the driver's seat and steer your transition year to success


Learn how to Reframe Your Fear

Understand what fear and stress really are and how they affect you. Learn how to overcome those feelings and use  different techniques to manage them.


​Learn how to understand yourself and others.

Work through identifying your needs and your 5 top values so you can quickly understand how to get back into alignment and stop the stress.


Take control of your own career trajectory

Understand yourself enough to take control of your decisions. Feel comfortable with where you are right now and stop comparing yourself to others

This isn't a clinical course - you'll learn that on the job

"This is about you."

This doesn't mean every day will be perfect.

This means that when s*#t happens; you can deal with it.

What the Graduate Nurse Transitioning Programme Does for You:

On Demand Video Lessons Access 24/7 on any device

"The programmes can be accessed from any device"

Each module and lesson is able to be seen on whatever device you choose to use so you can watch and learn on the train if you need to.

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Bonus Lessons and Techniques to Help Keep you Anxiety and Stress Free

I know just how hard it can be to move from learning to practice so as an added bonus we have included some bonuses that can help you.

  • I will show you a technique called Hakalu which is a way of centering yourself quickly so you can mange very stressful situations and the anxiety they bring
  • I've also included some fun videos to show you the lighter side of becoming a team member and also coping with stress.

Private Facebook Group, as soon as you register you will have access to the group

In the group you will have a safe place to meet other people travelling the same path.

You will also have access to the live Q&A or if you miss them the recordings to catch up on

What You'll Get...

Instant access to an online programme with 6 modules and 12 lessons. 

Live Q&A sessions in a private facebook group and

Over 20 downloadable resources with tips and techniques.

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"Suitable for all smart devices - access the programme 24/7."


In your clinical programme the focus will be on the skills and tasks you need to complete: In this programme the focus is fairly and squarely on you. After all if you are not in a good space you aren't going to be able to do the things you need to do to care for your patients.


Get Instant Access to the programme content

and Instant Access to the Private Facebook Group!

Take control of your future, learn about the fear and anxiety every new grad feels and be supported whilst you navigate a whole new future by joining The Graduate Nurse Transition Programme!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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Can you afford not to be supported? After all you want to spend your life helping other people. Thats hard to do if you are struggling yourself. 

Find out what happens when you transition at any point in your life and learn how to deal with the feelings and sensations that surface quickly so you can move through to success.

This programme is purpose built. and specially designed to address your feelings of overwhelm.

It is focussed on you learning about yourself and your reactions to what can be very stressful situations. After all if you aren't in a good space how can you expect to care well for other people.

What's Included?

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    Weekly live Q&A with me
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    Tip Sheets, and Infographics 
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    Quizzes and an Energy Profile
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    Support from other people going through the same journey

All of this for just:


What have you got to lose?


Get Instant Access to the Graduate Nurse Transition Programme Now!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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30 Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee

You are fully protected by my 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If in the first 4 weeks you follow the programme and don't find that it helps you then I will personally find another way to support you.

"I guarantee that you will learn about yourself and those around you so that you can transition from overwhelm to success more quickly than you would without it"

Di Kenyon


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

How much time will each module take?

Will the course work for me if I do shift work?

How long will I have access to the course?

How much does the course cost?

How do I login to the course?

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