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Developing High Performing Teams

The How, What and Why of High Performance.

Simon Sinek 'Start with Why' famously talks about starting with Why.

He goes on to talk about the ‘How’ and the ‘What’ of organisation's but he always goes back to start with ‘Why’.

He wrote a book on it not surprisingly called ‘Start with Why’. The book is well worth a read if you want to develop High Performing Teams. Whilst I like the concept of start with why, the how and the what are equally important.

First of all: what does the How, What and Why of an organisation look like?

How- How you do what you do. The values and what is important to you. The practices and the way you work. The behaviours and the actions you take.

What The strategic goals and high level goals of the organisation. The individual and team objectives and the activity and action that is taken.

Why – the purpose or reason you exist.


Build relationships, trust and manage personalities.

 Because teams are formed to deliver results. It is important to recognise that we are all different and differences can make an excellent team. In contrast, if everyone on the team is alike it can lead to ‘group think’ and poor performance.

When a team understands why it is there the next thoughts people go through are who’s who and where do I fit in. Therefore ensuring people know each other and trust each other is important. You can play a part by preventing a Toxic Culture in your work environment.


Know the 'what' of your team and your organisation. Sounds simple doesn't it. What do you need to do? I am constantly surprised by how many people working in organisation's are not sure of their role. As a result, performance is suboptimal  and we wonder why. Role Clarity is a big gap in organisations It is an organisations responsibility to ensure team members have up to date position descriptions but it is much more than that. Do your team members really know their role, the expectations and behaviours that are expected every day? As a team member are you crystal clear what you need to do and what is expected of you every day.  If not ask.

Being a successful team member is an active rather than a passive process.

Get in the drivers seat and help steer your team in the right direction.  


The role of a team leader is to create a high-performance environment. This is an environment where success will thrive and grow. This is about the team leader believing in the team more than they do themselves. It is about unlocking their potential.

What is the purpose of the team. What is the Why?

Knowing the ‘why’ or purpose of the team can hold a team together. It is why they exist. Therefore, the job of the leader is to ensure that all team members understand the why and live it.

Your role, as a team member, is the same. It is your responsibility to know the purpose of the team and to take it one step further to understand your own why.

What are three things that you can implement back in your unit right now that would have a positive impact on your team?

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